After being diagnosed with colon cancer in January 2016 – requiring surgery and six months of chemo – I mustered up all of my coaching skills to help me deal with this unexpected adversity.

The starting point was to set an audacious goal. For me, that meant focusing on my passion: Horses and – in between bi-weekly chemo treatments (no matter how difficult) – competing in physically and mentally demanding horse show jumping events.

A year later my doctors and I believe my approach and attitude during chemo helped me recover more quickly from treatments and keep cancer at bay. This valuable experience, unwanted though it was, gave me greater insight into five critical steps that helped me fight cancer. I'm convinced these five steps can help anyone facing a difficult situation in business and life.

The following article summarizes my approach and five steps. I hope it can be helpful to others dealing with adversity.

From Practical Horseman
Competing Against Cancer