What executive coaching can do for you

  • Propel performance: Understand “what you do” to support organizational goals and refine “how you do it.”
  • Build on strengths to accomplish your goals and increase effectiveness.
  • Design and pursue career (and post-career) goals based on “what you stand for.”
  • Turn a negative situation with a customer, boss, coworker or employee into a positive outcome.
  • Feel good about how you balance priorities between work, home and other life pursuits.

Corporate Executive Coaching

Client organizations call on Monica to work with their leaders and high potential employees to get on the right track, align performance with business objectives, manage expanded responsibilities, enhance their communication skills, and create stronger teams.

Monica combines 360-degree feedback with personalized coaching sessions to help executives gain insight and awareness, then focuses on strengths and development areas. Together, Monica and the executive create specific, measurable goals and action plans. Throughout the coaching process, she guides the executive on priorities, development opportunities, actions and learning from outcomes.

Individual Executive Coaching

Often times, highly motivated individuals directly call on Monica to help them take their game to the next level, make a difference, or catapult their career trajectory.

Topics include:
  • “What’s the next big thing in my life?”
  • “How to break out of a rut"
  • "Feeling like a victim”
  • “How to regain control of my priorities”

Working as a collaborative partnership, you and Monica will focus on your desired outcomes and greatest drivers: your values, what you stand for, what’s most important to you. Your role is to invest time and energy to explore, try new things, go beyond your comfort zone, learn and take action; Monica will be your champion on the road to achieving your goals and living your life on purpose.

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