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What Is Business Coaching and What’s In It for You?

As a professional, are you seeking a better connection to your work? Needing a greater focus and more balance? Wanting to improve your leadership skills? Or perhaps looking to make a career transition? If “yes” or “maybe” to any of these questions, you could benefit from a business coach. Here, in these three short videos, is my take on what you can gain from coaching, plus a couple of key takeaways.

So what’s all this about business coaching?

In this video, I share the benefits of coaching and three common reasons professional people hire a business coach.

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Your Values in Business

Your values can be important to how successful you feel. They can serve as a fundamental road map for making key decisions. Here I describe how a business coach can help you define your values to help you make better decisions, achieve your goals, and feel more fulfilled.

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Dealing with Your Inner Saboteur

Here I dig into how to manage your internal critic – “your Saboteur” – so you can have a more fulfilling career and life. The Saboteur is that internal voice we all have, pretending to protect us from danger, but too often prevents us from making a necessary change.

The voice is usually a continuous replay of baseless judgments, rules and limiting beliefs. My aim here is to help you think about the process of dealing with your inner Saboteur. You can also read my blog: "Tame Your Inner Saboteur So You Can Live A Happy, Productive Life."

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